Nov 4, 2011

Exit Strategy After Project (ITTO PD 426/06 Rev.1 (F) - Ramin (2011)) Completion

Here are the documentations, as one of the exit strategy after project ITTO PD 426/06 Rev.1 (F) - Ramin (2011). We forward these documentations, from the Ministry of Forestry - Republic of Indonesia website.

  1. Leaflet - The Prevention of Further Loss and The Promotion of Rehabilitation and Plantation of Gonystylu
  2. Current Status of Ramin Seed Source in Sumatra
  3. Seed Source of Ramin in West and Central Kalimantan
  4. Training Needs To Improve CITES Implementation on Ramin In Indonesia
  5. Pedoman Identifikasi Kayu Ramin dan Kayu Mirip Ramin
  6. Leaflet - Hasil dan Rekomendasi ITTO PPD87
  7. Evaluation and the Promotion of CITES Implementation on Ramin in Indonesia
  8. Teknik Inventarisasi Sediaan Ramin di Hutan Rawa Gambut
  9. Panduan Inventarisasi Sediaan Ramin di Hutan Rawa Gambut
  10. Review of the Existing Methods and Design For Ramin Inventory in Peat Swamp Forest
  11. Panduan Penilaian Non-Detrimental Finding untuk Ramin Gonystylus spp
  12. Guideline for Non - Detrimental Finding Assessment on Ramin Gonystylus spp
  13. Manual Monitoring Musim Berbunga - Berbuah dan Produksi Benih Ramin (Gonystylus bancanus)
  14. Pedoman Teknis Pembuatan Stek Pucuk Ramin (Gonystylus bancanus)
  15. Evaluasi Sistem Silvikultur Hutan Rawa Gambut di Indonesia
  16. Literature Review on Gonystylus bancanus Botany Ecology and Potency
  17. Panduan Identifikasi Jenis-Jenis Ramin di Indonesia
  18. Report - Asian Workshop of the ITTO-CITES Project on Ensuring International Trade in CITES - listed Timb
  19. Identifikasi Gap Informasi Menuju Pengelolaan Hutan ramin Secara Lestari
  20. Information Gaps Toward Sustainable Managment and Conservation of Ramin
  21. Improving Inventory Design to Estimate Growing Stock of Ramin (Gonystylus bancanus) in Indonesia
  22. Silviculture, Study Plots, Seed Production and Propagation of Ramin - An Executive Summary Activity II
  23. Gonystylus spp (Ramin) - Population Status, Genetics and Gene Conservation
  24. Roadmap Toward Sustainable and Conservation of Ramin
  25. Booklet - Let's Save Ramin, Let's Save Peat Swamp Forests

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