Dec 18, 2013

Big Deforestation Drivers -- New Book with Infographics


The Global Canopy Programme is pleased to announce the release of The Little Book of Big Deforestation Drivers.
Over the last decade the demand for agricultural products for food, feed and fuel and the production of globally traded forest risk commodities (palm oil, beef, soya, and timber) have been responsible for driving the majority of tropical deforestation and forest degradation, which has major impacts on climate change, the provision of ecosystem services, and the sustainability of long term economic development.
The Little Book of Big Deforestation Drivers outlines the global context to the drivers of deforestation, provides a detailed overview of the most critical forest risk commodity supply chains, and presents a clear and realistic framework of 24 regulatory, market and supply chain catalysts that can act to reduce deforestation caused by these commodities.
The book is available to download in English, Bahasa Indonesia, French and Spanish from the GCP website at
The book makes use of infographics to illustrate the global production and consumption of key forest risk commodities and the complexity of global commodity supply chains. For example:
This hypothetical supply chain of a burger illustrates the complexity of global supply chains and the numerous actors and stages involved in the production and trade of a product from the forest to the end consumer.