Oct 10, 2013

The Landscapes Game: App Developer is Needed!!

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) advances human well-being, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research to help shape policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries. CIFOR is a member of the CGIAR Consortium. Our headquarters are in Bogor, Indonesia, with offices in Asia, Africa and South America.

CIFOR is looking for a App Developer 

Drawing on concepts of Monopoly, SimCity, American Farmer and Snakes and Ladders, CIFOR scientists have developed a board game called the Landscapes Game that requires players to invest in different land uses or commodities to maximize their revenues while at the same time taking care of ecological and social conditions (see the player manual here).

Playing the Landscapes Game/@GlobalLF
The game has been played with communities across the world and has helped scientists better understand the dynamics of land competition, policy measures and sustainability of many different kinds of land uses.

We are now looking to engage a consultant or game development agency ahead of the Global Landscapes Forum on 16-17 November to bring this board game to the online world by creating a mobile phone app for Android and iOS.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

  1. Use relevant programming languages to design, develop and implement a mobile game version of the Landscapes Game
  2. Liaise with scientific project team and collect application development requirements; 
  3. Manage changes, bugs, and enhancements for the application; modify the application where necessary; and test its applicability to ensure it conforms to the specifications; 
  4. Conduct user acceptance testing and report results; 
  5. Provide end-user support; 
  6. Perform other related duties as required. 

Expressions of interest should be sent to Bruno Vander Velde b.vandervelde@cgiar.org and Sandra Caya s.caya@cgiar.org by 14 October 2013 and should include a portfolio of previous app/game development. Shortlisted applicants will be sent a more detailed brief in late October and asked to submit a proposal and budget for consideration.

CIFOR is an equal opportunity employer. Staff diversity contributes to excellence.