May 16, 2010

21st International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont

29 May - 20 June 2010

21st International poster and graphic arts festival of Chaumont

The International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont came into life from a collection of vintage posters, which Gustave Dutailly had passed on to the town. The zeal with which this man collected images of his time, and discerned their quality, is behind this French cultural collection that concerns graphic designers as much as the inhabitants of Chaumont. For 21 years now, the Festival has accompanied poster-making and its development by organising an annual international poster competition endorsed by Icograda.

This meeting place with the profession is a rare opportunity to follow up on and confront contemporary development, to plot - year over year - the scenes for its quality and value. 100 to 120 selected posters will be exhibited during the Festival, the highlight of which is the awards ceremony.

Once the awards and exhibitions are over, the selected posters become part of the collection of contemporary posters built up over 21 years of Festival. This association between the contemporary collection and the Dutailly collection is the foundation of the project of an International Graphic Design Centre (CIG). Graphic design in Chaumont is already focusing on the CIG before its

May 14, 2010

Celebrating the Environmental Day

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Celebrating the Environmental Day, ECOPROPAGANGSTER  releases its first t shirt design 'i am NOT an ENVIRONMENTALIST: I am just the one who loves our mother earth'.

This t shirt design will be print on Combed Cotton 20's with rubber paint. Printed in a limited number (15 pcs), it will be your honor to wear this t shirt.

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This offer will expire on May 23, 2010.

incheon international design award 2010 - green heart

C A L L - F O R - E N T R I E S
Incheon Metropolitan City, KOREA,
together with designboom promotes an international design competition.
participation is open to applicants from every country in the world,
to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.
free of charge registration required.

iida 2010 is hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and organized by Incheon Business Agency.
sponsors of this competition are:
Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Republic of Korea,
Korea Institute of Design Promotion,
Incheon Industrial Design Association
Incheon Design Company Association.

01 - the subject of the international competition is

May 2, 2010

REVOLUTIONART 24 - Climate Change

REVOLUTIONART International Magazine is a publication delivered in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of the graphic arts, modeling, music, and world tendences.
It's a revolutionary platform, a massive propaganda to communicate global messages and make people think. REVOLUTIONART delivers pure talent to more than 70,000 suscribers and readers per edition around the world.
The objective of REVOLUTIONART is to serve as a inspirational source to artists, models, advertisers, photographers, designers and communicators in general who wish to explore new alternatives of expression through graphical samples of design, photo, illustration, ads, fashion, music, and general visual arts.
In REVOLUTIONART 24 - May 2010 edition, we will find how they expressed their ideas in climate change issue.

Issue : Climate Change
Pages: 282 // 27 Mb
Read online | Download here
Guests: Ken Penn (United States), Martin Sati (Spain).
Description: Is mother nature out of control? earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, tornadoes and many natural disasters are happening too quick in the last months. There's a clear reason: Climate Change.