Oct 19, 2007

Are You An Eco-Friendly Designer?

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The environment is under more threat today, than it ever has been, and responsibility lies with all of us for doing what we can to help. Here are three very simple steps that designers can take to help the environment. 
Reduce electricity. Switch off at the mains, and don’t leave appliances on standby. How many times have you left a computer on when you’re sleeping, or when it’s not being used? Do you really need to? 
Re-use printer cartridges. Refill your cartridges, or

May 23, 2007

Renourish - Tools for Green Graphic Design

“When green design is usually discussed, most people think of buildings, products or even cars, but what about packaging? Shouldn't magazines, business cards, brochures and websites be green?” Yes, indeed, they should. And we are pleased to discover another resource available to communication designers attain these goals. Eric Benson, founder of Renourish, when he launched the site last year, wanted to “start the conversation on green graphic design by providing definitions, tips, and links to sustainable resources designers can use to make their work a little greener.” His useful guides and case studies sit well beside the ranks of the Society for Responsible Design, Design by Nature, the more recently mentioned Design Can Change, and, of course, the AIGA's (American Institute of Graphics Arts) very own Center for Sustainable Design. But Renourish is also a very worthy jumping off point if you want to know more about making greener choices in paper, ink, printing, packaging or design firms. ::Renourish.