Feb 2, 2010

Responsible Graphic Design Publications

written by TreeHugger
When we discussed packaging in a recent Q&A we concentrated mainly on the materials, less on the creative design that can reduce environmental burdens associated with packaging. Innovative solutions do exist and many have been captured and showcased in some very useful publications for graphic designers and package designers. The Graphic Designer's Greenbook: A Handbook and Source Guide on Design and the Environment, by Anne Chick, got the ball rolling back in 1992. An excellent book, full of useful insights and information but sadly now out of print. But do try your luck in secondhand bookshops. Susan E. Selke’s Packaging and the environment: alternatives, trends and solutions followed a couple of years later. Although not sighted by this writer, it has had good reviews and seems to be a definitive digest on the topic. The same year, the AIGA, in concert with John Ortbal, Mike Lange, and Michael S. Carroll, published a cute little book, densely packed with pertinent information. It was called ...