Dec 9, 2011

Conservation Leadership Program

From: Duke,Esther
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 3:47 AM

Conservation Leadership Program (Conservation Leadership Through Learning)

Society is faced with some of the greatest challenges in history, from climate change to biodiversity loss to energy security and beyond. We need leaders who think differently, embrace complexity, and see the human and environmental condition as one intricate system. The Conservation Leadership Program is a new 24-month Master of Science degree that will prepare students to be a part of the next generation of conservation leaders who will tackle these dynamic challenges. In August 2012, approximately 20 students will begin an intensive educational journey in the United States and Mexico. Also referred to as Conservation Leadership Through Learning (CLTL), this program merges transdisciplinary university education with real-world action to train leaders who can deliver on-the-ground benefits for conservation and communities. By reaching far beyond the classroom walls, students will develop the knowledge and real-world skills to become effective conservation leaders making a difference for the environment and people’s lives.

CLTL is a partnership between Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources and El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Mexico. For more information, please visit our website ( or contact us at Applications are now being accepted through January 9th, 2012 for the cohort starting in August 2012.

Esther Duke
Coordinator of Special Projects and Programs
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Colorado State University

Dec 5, 2011

Jobs Opportunity: FIELD-Bumi Ceria

FIELD Indonesia Foundation (Farmer Initiatives for Ecological Livelihoods and Democracy) is an organization that supports people in marginal communities through education for empowerment. FIELD Indonesia was established on 1 June 2001. FIELD key staff are former members of the FAO Regional Program on Community IPM in Asia ( in 1998-2002 and was part of the team that provided technical assistance over 12 years to the National IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Program, local farmer organizations and the Indonesian IPM Farmers Associations. FIELD activities make use of a variety learning approaches including the Farmer Field Schools & Studies, Community Action Research, Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, and Farmer Advocacy.

FIELD-Bumi Ceria (Building Disaster and Climate Change Resilience in Padang Pariaman Farming Communities, West Sumatra) is a program which will generate and support resilience at the community level through the organized participatory action-learning via Field Schools conducted at community and Nagari level. The project was full supported by United State Agency for International Development (USAID) through Cooperative Agreement No. AID-497-A-I0-00002. The program will run for 30 months in period of October 2010-March 2013. Local facilitators will be recruited and trained to manage these activities and to strengthen local program planning and implementation capabilities. Field Schools will address Disaster and Climate Change Vulnerability at the Nagari level in 20 selected Nagari, and technical/livelihood issues at the community level will be addressed through 80 Field Schools in Eco-rice, agro-forestry, and bio-gas/organic fertilizer production. Follow-up action programs will also be supported at community and Nagari level.

Multi-stakeholder Workshops, forums, and networking programs will further build local capacities, leverage support for replication, solidify learning and program models, and build the partnerships necessary for dissemination and sustainability. Key partners include the Provincial Agricultural Service and the local Disaster Management Agency, as well as other agencies currently working post-earthquake in Padang Pariaman District.

The total beneficiary would be 5,500 people and it consists of 2,500 capable community cadres who have been trained in Field Schools and 3,000 people who have been increased their understanding on disaster risk reduction and climate change through field days, forums and workshops. The local governments, local communities, and FIELD will contribute in-kind resources to the program.

Besides, FIELD-Bumi Ceria has raised resources from APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) in Taiwan. ADOC provide digital device to increase farmer understanding on information and communication technologies, especially to get information on disaster risk reduction, climate change and farmer’s livelihood.

Currently, FIELD-Bumi Ceria seeking for

1. Area Managers with following criteria:
  • 2 years minimun experienced work with local communities
  • Have agriculture back ground are preferred
  • Know the basic concepts of facilitation, adult education, especially those who already know the concept of the field school
  • Know the concept of disaster risk reduction and climate change
  • Accustomed to working under pressure, able to work independently, able to work in a team, willing to work with the community in the field
  • Able to speak english
  • Able to operate computer
The objective of Area Manager is to support project planning, implementation and evaluation under general guidance from Project Manager as follows:
  • Work closely with technical specialist and other area managers to conduct field school, farmer research, training, workshop and other technical issues related to disaster risk reduction, climate change, monitoring and evaluation
  • Organize initial field schools in nagari or korong level both technical and vulnerability assessment
  • Provide support to local facilitators in implementation of field schools and community groups in development and implementation of action plans related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Liaise with local stakeholders at village and sub-district levels
  • Assist Project Manager for technical report both annual and progress reports including success stories, best practices, lessons learned and shared learning.
2. Computer Trainer with following criteria:
  • At least 2 years experienced working in IT
  • Able to develop a simple computer and Internet learning modules
  • Willing to work under pressure, independently or with team
  • Willing to work with communities in the Field
  • Experience working with journalists and media
The objective of Computer Trainer is to support project planning, implementation and evaluation under general guidance from Project Manager as follows:
  • Work closely with Area Managers to conduct field training on digital device
  • Organize initial training on digital device in nagari or korong level
  • Set up and organize office network to support FIELD-Bumi Ceria daily activities
  • Liaise with stakeholders in any level to leverage impact of digital learning center
  • Assist Project Manager for technical report both annual and progress reports including success stories, best practices, lessons learned and shared learning.
  • Development of media and journalist network in outreaching program issues

Please send application letter and latest CV to before Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Note: only short listed will be contact