Aug 16, 2011

Vacancy: Positions vacants at Burung Indonesia

cid:image001.jpg@01C9887E.365A8A90 Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia Association) is the Indonesian partner of BirdLife International - a global partnership of conservation organizations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats, and global biodiversity. It was established on 15 July 2002, as an independent Indonesian non-government organisation, after working for 10 years as the program office of BirdLife International in Indonesia.

Burung Indonesia is developing a Resource Centre in Harapan Rainforest. Located in Jambi and South Sumatera, Harapan Rainforest is a 100,000 ha ecosystem restoration concession and it is the first project in Indonesia to be implemented under an ecosystem restoration licence, allowing the management of production forest for restoration rather than logging.

Burung Indonesia invites qualified individuals to submit their interest for the following positions by sending CV to: on 26 August 2011 at the latest. Please note that all positions will be based in Harapan Rainforest but with approximately 30% of the time spent in Burung Indonesia’s Bogor office.

1. Head of Harapan Resource Centre (HRC)

Knowledge and skills about knowledge management processes, infrastructures, and principles; Proven leadership qualities, training, communication and negotiation skills; and Good project management experience.

Main tasks:

· Coordinate knowledge development team in the Resource Centre;

· Design knowledge management strategy;

· Oversee implementation of knowledge management system;

· Train and educate staff and other stakeholders on use of the knowledge management system, and provide and/or facilitate ongoing support for users of the system;

· Willing to stay in the field for a long period of time.


University degree in social sciences, information or similar skills. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

2. Knowlege Management Officer (KMO)

Demonstrated experience in developing and managing databases and information systems well as in training users in using the information systems; Working knowledge in designing and analysing data and survey questionnaires; Working knowledge in maintaining web site.

Main tasks:

· Implement and monitor knowledge management strategy in the resource centre;

· Capture, document and analyze assets;

· Design and coordinate capacity building for field staff;

· Oversees the development of database and information management;

· Willing to stay in the field for a long period of time.


University degree in communication, information, education or similar skills. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

3. Forest Resource Management Specialist (FRMS)

Thorough knowledge of multiple use forest resource management, protection and conservation; Proven technical skills in production forest resource management; Considerable knowledge of forest rehabilitation and restoration and forestry regulations; Extensive experience with community agroforestry management and business; Familiar with forest-climate issues.

Main tasks:

· Provide inputs in the planning and administration of forest restoration programs such as, but not limited to: forest inventory, silviculture, fire protection, insect and disease protection, forest rehabilation and reforestation;

· Coordinates and assists in the administration and conduct of research, and other projects;

· Documents knowledge and experience based on the forestry operation;

· Involved in developing training programs for field staff;

· Willing to stay in the field for a long period of time.


Degree in forestry and considerable professional experience in forest resources management; or any equivalent combination of training and experience. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

4. Communication and Outreach Specialist (COS)

Experienced in design and production of awareness/promotion materials; Experience in developing public awareness and outreach campaigns; Experience in report and content writing, design and production of awareness/promotion materials; Experience in developing public awareness and outreach programs; Experience in managing media activities, and press releases.

Main tasks:

· Develops clear written content for technical and non-technical audiences for use on the program website and within print materials;

· Manages the development and editing of high quality written materials including lesson learnt, factual stories, publications, press releases, pitch letters, Q & As, and other communications materials in cooperation with relevant units and job holders;

· Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of communication strategy and provides recommendations for adjusting the strategy as necessary.


Bachelor of Arts degree, preferably in Communications, Journalism, or a PR related discipline. Minimum 4 years experience, with development experience required.


Burung Indonesia

Jl. Dadali No. 32,

BOGOR 16161

Telp. +62 251 8357 222

Fax. +62 251 8357 961


Aug 5, 2011

CALL FOR ENTRIES: An Exciting Story of Adaptation to Climate Change

From: Roopa.Rakshit@RRCAP.UNEP.ORG [mailto:Roopa.Rakshit@RRCAP.UNEP.ORG] at
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 3:01 PM
Subject: Competition for best media reporting on Adaptation to Climate Change_Asia-Pacific Adaptation Forum, 27 & 28 October 2011, Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Journalists,
Greetings from the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum 2011 Organizers.

It is with pleasure we inform you about the CALL FOR ENTRIES for you to tell an exciting story of adaptation to climate change and WIN AN AWARD.  The winners will be invited to the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum 2011 to be held on 27 & 28 October 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand. Please visit the website for more information on the competition and for the registration process>> Attached is the flyer.

For any clarification, pls send an e-mail to

Aug 3, 2011

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

6-in-1 solar kit is an amazing way to educate children (and adults!) on how solar power works. It’s also great brain stimulation for the mechanically minded. This kit comes with plastic pieces that make a solar airboat, windmill, puppy, car, plane and revolving plane. The age recommendation is 10+, but bright children who are younger will be able to do at least some of the building on their own or at least the attempt may bring them a sense of accomplishment and independence.

The model pieces snap together easily and the directions are straightforward. The motor was made from a simple gear and the solar panel was pretty sturdy compared to the other plastic pieces. Each model worked fine as long as the wires were attached correctly. My friend thought that the wires should have had little handles on the end, similar to those on jumper cables, so they were easier to handle and stayed in place better. It’s just that the wires were easily displaced, which was done many times at our house with all the little fingers eager to see how each model worked. It was hard for us as well since the pieces are so small and thin wires had to be pushed into a small crack in the side of the gear box.

But all in all we were pleased with the results, the experience and education that it provided our whole family. An additional plus is that the kit is totally reusable and may be re-assembled into its different variations many times over, if none of the parts get lost!

The kit retails for IDR100k and may be purchased here, by sending mail to