Jul 28, 2010

Volunteering and Internship Opportunities in Africa

Wildlife Research Volunteers

BRinK - Biological Research in Kuzikus
Namibia, Africa
Full Time
13 Aug 10
Joana Nunes / joana.nunes@brink-namibia.com


BRinK is looking for research volunteers to work with a team of qualified zoologists to perform baseline field research, monitoring and documenting different areas of biology and ecology in Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve. Kuzikus is a 10,000ha reserve in the Kalahari Desert with red sand, savannah, salt pans, grass dune and waterholes providing various habitats for diverse flora and fauna.

There are four 4-week projects available, with full training, research equipment, transfers, accommodation and food included.


• Large mammal abundance and habitat distribution
• Animal tracking methods and uses in surveying


• Reptile surveying, identification and habitat differences
• Collect and display diverse arthropod specimens

To apply fill in an application form online and submit a method proposal (your suggested method to meet the aims of the project you have selected).

Closing date for applications: 13th August 2010.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience of field work techniques, equipment, data analysis, report writing, public presentations and local conservation practice.

What you will experience:

• live in a bushcamp, in a small community close to nature, using renewable energy
• go on daily research trips out to the veldt
• learn tracking skills & bush behavior
• get close to and learn about African wildlife
• understand ecosystem management

For more information see www.brink-namibia.com or contact joana.nunes@brink-namibia.com


Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Conservation Internship x4

Community Centred Conservation (C3)
Madagascar and Comoros
Volunteer/Fixed Term Contract
Full Time
30 Nov 10
Patricia Davis / vacancies@c-3.org.uk


Following 5 years of highly successful community-driven marine resource management initiatives in the Indian Ocean Islands, C3 has developed a strong regional network of projects and now has four positions available for interns to work on an international placement at both our Comoros and Madagascar offices. This will provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into the reality of coastal and marine biodiversity management in two contrasting developing island nations. With the chance for hands-on socio-economic and ecological field research, capacity-building for local partner institutions, design and implementation of social marketing campaigns and a chance for keen writers to publish research findings, this internship provides a well-rounded and practical experience perfect for building a career in international marine conservation.

Candidates should send in a CV and brief cover letter to Patricia Davis : vacancies@c-3.org.uk

Limited places are available from July 2010, year-round. See www.c-3.org.uk/internships.php for more details and please read the Internship Brief before applying.

Financial assistance may be available for applicants with sea turtle monitoring experience.

Jul 23, 2010

Online Discussion on Forestry Finance, REDD and the Carbon Market

Investing in forestry and timber assets is nothing new. But the possibility of generating carbon credits by reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) has triggered a dramatic increase in investor interest.

To help you understand what kind of projects are currently being undertaken, the potential to use the credits as voluntary offsets or for compliance in mandatory emission reduction regimes, and the risks involved, Environmental Finance Events invites you to participate in Forestry Finance, REDD & the Carbon Market webinar on 6 August. 

Our panel of expert speakers will explain and discuss the most pressing issues in this fast moving area, including:

Malaysia to Punish Wildlife Poachers More Severely

Posted date: 21 July 2010

Poachers and smugglers of endangered animals in Malaysia now face tens of thousands of dollars in fines and mandatory jail time following the passage of a new law that activists said Wednesday was key to repairing the country's reputation as a hub for the illegal trade.

Malaysia's large swaths of jungle are home to many protected species such as the Malayan tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros and

When Climate Change Becomes a Health Issue, Are People More Likely to Listen?

By: Edward W Maibach
Source: ScienceDaily
URL: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/07/100719111957.htm
Posted date: 20 July 2010

Framing climate change as a public health problem seems to make the issue more relevant, significant and understandable to members of the public -- even some who don't generally believe climate change is happening, according to preliminary research by George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication (4C).
The center recently conducted an exploratory study in the United States of people's reactions to a public health-framed short essay on climate

Jul 22, 2010

International Graduate Conference on Climate Change and People

International Graduate Conference on Climate Change and People
15-19 November 2010, Kathmandu, NEPAL
The projected impacts of climate change - many of which are potentially irreversible - will affect everyone on the Earth. The deterioration of the earth’s ecosystems will jeopardize human health; precipitation patterns; water and food supplies; energy supplies; and the integrity of natural systems. Calling for unified global action against climate change, The Small Earth Nepal and the Consortium for Capacity Building (University of Colorado) are organizing a regionally-focused International Graduate Conference on Climate Change and People. The event is set in collaboration with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Government of Nepal; the Centre of Research for Environment Energy and Water (Nepal), the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) and the International Research Center for River Basin Environment, University of Yamanashi (Japan). The goal of the conference is to bring together various scholars, graduate students and climate change practitioners to equip and mobilize Young Minds on climate change and related societal issues. The conference is supported by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) under the CAPaBLE Program. The conference is also co-sponsored by UNESCO. Additional sponsors are welcome to join.
The conference is mainly focused on the multidisciplinary capacity building of graduate students and scientists in various disciplines. The event will feature the sharing of knowledge and experience by experts and participants on “Climate Affairs”, from climate-related science to impacts to policy & economics to ethics & equity. Climate Affairs is a concept which aims to enhance the “eco-generation” of climate leaders and climate agents in their respective academic and practical areas of concern.
The Conference activities concentrate to provide the following:
  • To build the awareness and scientific capacity of young students from multiple disciplines while fostering and enhancing networks for sustainable development options in the region.
  • To equip graduate students with usable knowledge on the importance of multidisciplinary activities in addressing climate change, regardless of their home academic discipline.
  • To enable participants to formulate a multinational networking group to develop baseline skills needed to understand climate change mitigation, adaptation and prevention measures.
  • To create awareness among community and social leaders for identifying their roles in effective ways to combat the influences of a changing climate.

How to Apply? Apply by email with letter of interest and detailed CV. Interested undergraduates may also inquire about the conference by email.

Deadline: The Submission of Application is due on 15 September 2010.

Selection of Participants: Expression Email or Letter of Interest and Commitment Level.

Registration Fees: US$ 100 for SAARC Country citizens and participants from other developing countries from Greater South Asia (e.g., Central and Southwest Asia to Myanmar). For participants from developed countries in Asia-Pacific and beyond, the fee is US$ 150.

Funding: Partial or full funding may be available to the selected participants from developing countries.

Further details, please contact:            
Michael Glantz at michael.glantz@colorado.edu
Dhiraj Pradhananga at smallearth@wlink.com.np

Jul 15, 2010

How to Manage Forest under Robust and Fragile Environments?

International Forestry Conference and Opportunities for REDD+ Developers

Source: Mailist – July 15th, 2010

International Conference on Managing Forest Resources for Multiple Ecosystem Services under Robust and Fragile Environments http://www.ai.u-hyogo.ac.jp/~nophea/khconference/index.html

Date: 9-10 August 2010
Venue: Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh
Fieldwork: 11-12 August 2010

Main Organizers
Risk Analysis Research Center (RARC), the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM)
Graduate School of Applied Informatics (GSAI), University of Hyogo
FORMATH Research Group
Forestry Administration (FA), Cambodia
Ecosystem Adaptability Global COE, Tohoku University
Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
Keynote Speakers:
H.E. TY Sokhun, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
H.E. Dr. CHHENG Kimsun, Director General of Forestry Administration
H.E. Prof. LAV Chhiv Eav, RUPP Rector

Number of participants: 100 people MAXIMUM. Priority is given to participants based in Cambodia or in its neighboring countries. You will be acknowledged whether or not you are accepted for the conference.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: NO financial support is provided. Inquiries about financial support will not be answered.
Link to conference website and registration http://www.ai.u-hyogo.ac.jp/~nophea/khconference/index.html

International Environmental Employment Opportunities

Conservation Volunteers - World Conservation Programs - International | Volunteer | due by 31/07/2010

Conservation Volunteers - World Conservation Programs - International | Volunteer | due by 31/07/2010

Conservation Volunteers - World Conservation Programs - International | Volunteer | due by 31/07/2010

Andean Bear Foundation - International | Voluntary post. | due by 31/07/2010 
Global Vision International - Australia | International | Volunteer | due by 31/12/2011 

Global Vision International - Australia | International | Volunteer | due by 31/12/2011 

Global Vision International - Australia | International | Volunteer | due by 31/12/2011
Global Vision International - International | Volunteer | due by 31/12/2011
Andean Bear Foundation - International | None - volunteer position | due by 31/07/2010