Aug 17, 2010

Organisation / Philippine Spotted Deer Conservation Foundation
Reference / 2011 Critical Habitat program
Location / Panay Island
Position Type / Volunteer/Temporary
Part/Full Time / Full Time
Closing Date / 15 Sep 10
Website /
Contact / Renee Galang
Contact Email /

Philippine Spotted Deer Conservation Foundation is a self funded organisation based in Melbourne Australia and operates in Panay and surrounding Islands in the Philippines. The 2011 program is still being developed and it is promising to be a spectacular program. This is becuase the local government including DENR have asked PSCDF to assist in the proclamation process of the northern section of the central Panay mountain ranges to become a protected area or "Critical Habitat" as part of the Philippine Wildlife Act 2001 for the many threatened species living in this jungle including the critically threatened Philippine Spotted Deer. This is the same area where PSDCF jungle fieldwork is being performed and where Rafflesia lobata was discovered. PSDCF has been very proactive in trying to convince since 2004 the local government and DENR to protect this jungle because it is still very wild and has large population of the Spotted Deer, Visayan warty pig, Whritted-Billed hornbill, Tarrictic hornbill, Varanus mabitang (very large monitor lizard), Panay cloudrat and now Rafflesia lobata. All these species excluding the Rafflesia are threatened species. The hard work of PSDCF including its volunteers is continuing to produce valuable result. When this new "Critical Habitat" protected area is finally approved by the Philippine congress and signed by the current Philippine president in 2011 or 2012 then this will become a spectacular achievement by the PSDCF and its volunteers.

PSDCF is seeking expressions of interest for volunteers that would assist in the fieldwork and other activities for the fieldwork stage of the proclamation process of the new protected area. From aspiring conservationist to zoologist, botanist to even photographer/videographer etc are encouraged to email Renee Galang. Once the final program has been designed and dates established (very soon) Renee will contact everyone to offer volunteer placement. The fieldwork program will most likely start in January and end in May 31. Maximum of 7 volunteers at any given time with a minimum stay of 2 weeks. Please visit the website for a view of the previous volunteer program and further information on PSDCF. Do not hesitate to email Renee for further information.

Volunteers will experience real hands on conservation work and live amongst local fishing communities in Panay and numerous small tropical islands. Each volunteer will require to contribute AUS$200.00 per week to cover his/her consumables, porter and guides, accommodation and transport needs. For more information please visit and email Renee on

Aug 16, 2010

FELLOWSHIP: Southeast Asia Fellowship Program Fall 2011 East-West Center in Washington

Source: East West Center - August 13, 2010

The East-West Center in Washington (EWCW) is accepting applications from scholars and analysts who wish to undertake policy-relevant research and writing in one of the following areas:
  • International relations of Southeast Asia.
  • Political change in Southeast Asia.
  • ASEAN integration and community-building efforts.

The fellowship finances a three-month residence at the East-West Center in Washington, D.C. While in residence in Washington the fellows will complete an article or monograph to be considered for publication in a peer-reviewed publication, such as the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Bulletin series or Asia Pacific Issues series. The first full draft of the manuscript should be completed before the end of the residency period. Fellows will also give a public presentation on their topic.

Fellowships will include a monthly stipend of US$2,500 to $4,500 (dependent upon experience) while in residence at EWC in Washington and round trip airfare to Washington, D.C. Residency at the Center will start in September 2011. Additionally, at the discretion of the Director, a small grant to cover field research, in Asia only, may be available. Fieldwork in the region will be completed prior to residence at the East-West Center in Washington.

Applicants with or without a Ph.D. will be considered. Applicants without a Ph.D. will be considered based on their relevant professional experience. Applicants must be nationals of a country within the scope of their Fellowship or the United States and eligible to receive a fellowship stipend. Successful applications will include a completed fellowship application form, cover letter, a full CV, two letters of reference, and a policy-relevant research proposal of ten pages (double spaced). The proposal should discuss the policy problem or issue to be examined, tentative hypothesis and arguments, a review and short bibliography of the relevant literature, plans for fieldwork (if any), and project time frame. If field research funds are sought, please briefly explain why and how they are to be used. All materials must be received by October 15, 2010, at:

Southeast Asia Fellowship Program
East-West Center in Washington
1819 L St., N.W., 2nd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20036-3866

Applicants will be notified of selection decisions on or before December 20, 2010.

Download the application form to apply. Application materials, including reference letters, can be sent to Reference letters can be sent via email or post, by the writer or applicant. To send large files, or if you have trouble emailing files, use this link: upload files.

For more information please email:

The III International Seminar on Tourism and Spatial Planning

The III International Seminar on Tourism and Spatial Planning (TPT.10) explores the topic “Waterworlds: tourism development, conflicts and sustainability”, focusing on the interplay between tourism and water issues, reflections on policies.

11 to 12 November 2010
Lisbon, Portugal

Organized by: Centre for Geographical Studies, IGOT, University of Lisbon
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: Not available.

Check the event website for latest details.